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Manufacturer #:WHE205C

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or call: (619) 398-2505
This special limited edition of the Saucy Box pedal boasts a whole new coat of...chalk? That's right, this Chalky Box is covered with chalkboard paint and comes with your very own set of chalk so that you can give it your own personal artistic touch.  The unit ships without any writing on it, the image with "Chalky Box" written on it is for example purposes only.
From the visionary depths of the Way Huge laboratory comes the Saucy Box Overdrive. Like the acclaimed Pork Loin Overdrive before it, the Saucy Box derives its unparalleled versatility from discrete clean and overdrive signal paths, combining them to deliver one of the most organic, amp-like overdrive pedals available. To give discerning guitarists a dynamic, finger-friendly overdrive with plug-and-play simplicity, the Saucy Box Overdrive forgoes individual clean and drive controls and automatically balances the optimum ratio of the two with a single Gain control. This unique design provides for everything from pure a unity-gain buffer to a clean boost and all the way to a salaciously buttery overdrive. To top it all off, this pedal has a passive tone circuit that will play nice with any pickup type. It's okay to think inside THIS box.